foster kids

As a survivor of child abuse, Rob Scheer is in the unique position of understanding the trauma his children experienced.
“I came from a foster home and went on to achieve everything I’ve achieved.”
For each child who has come through my home, I give thanks.
Former foster child Ashley Rhodes-Courter is working to bring joy to those living in group homes this Christmas.
The fact that the state of Delaware, or any state for that matter, needs to have a formal law carefully outlining such basic definitions of quality care concerned me greatly. It concerned me, but unfortunately I can't say it surprised me.
Baker, who is well over her one-year commitment, doesn't see this as a short-term relationship -- it's a lifelong friendship
Ashley isn't your average writer/actress. First of all, she is a teenager and secondly, she is a foster kid. Ashley was one of seven teenagers from Maryvale and Hillsides group homes who took part in the "Kids in the Spotlight" fifth annual film festival.
I got my card when I was fourteen. The card read this is one scary ass kid. He has clearly done something wrong. Probably a head case, definitely hide your valuables and watch what you say.
Recently, I discovered an amazing way for people to come together as a community. The incredible experience was inspired by a young man named Barry Bartlett and captured in this video.