"We cannot sit back when there is an opportunity for us to contribute some good."
At its core, adoption is grounded in loss.
When professional athletes get injured during a game they are examined immediately. The clock stops and the fans wait with baited breath until the athlete either gets up and rejoins the game or is escorted off the field.
"I’ve grown up with cats, and she is by far the most energetic, free-spirited 'unicorn.'"
Back then I had to put everything on top of the fridge. Anything that could be used as a weapon that is. My gemstone collection
Think of it as an awesome little vacation for shelter dogs -- and a great time for you as well!
"No living creature should die feeling unloved if we can help it."
"She seemed to take in all of the sights, smells and views like she'd always gone on hikes this way."
It's no wonder that for many people cats are the "purr-fect" pet. Why not treat your favorite feline to a visit at one of New York City's chic cat-centric centers?
The fact that the state of Delaware, or any state for that matter, needs to have a formal law carefully outlining such basic definitions of quality care concerned me greatly. It concerned me, but unfortunately I can't say it surprised me.
"Office Cats" is a new program out of the Humane Society of Broward County. The shelter will dispatch adoptable cats to pet-friendly small businesses in South Florida, where we very much assume that no one will ever be taking another sick day.
Dowling tells The Huffington Post that the kitten rental program is indeed a "rebranding or re-marketing of kitten fosters