Foul ball

The boy's reaction is everything the national pastime could wish for.
The young spectator is "expected to be OK," a radio station reported.
It turned out the man had helped the boy get a ball earlier.
The lifelong A's fan said he'd never caught a ball at a game before.
In a frightening moment Monday in Pittsburgh, a woman standing behind home plate was hit hard in the back of the head by
There are few things more precious than some good old-fashioned father-son bonding at the ballpark. One dad made his son's
You might not want to use your best camera if you choose to film a baseball game from behind home plate. Just ask Greg Horn
A vendor at Turner Field was splashed with a beverage on Tuesday thanks to a foul ball from the bat of Braves catcher Evan
A woman at AT&T Park may have beat out Giants outfielder Juan Perez for the catch of the game on Tuesday night during a game
What could be better than snagging a foul ball at a Rockies game? How about catching it in your beer without spilling? Fans
A foul ball is considered one of the more exciting souvenirs for a young fan to get his hands on at the ballpark. Apparently
Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas was saved from a potentially scary fall by some alert fans in the 8th inning of Kansas
Minor league prospect Brandon Douglas of the Double-A Erie Seawolves popped up a foul ball during a game against the Altoona
Those who grew up around baseball, be it playing it or watching it, are used to being told to "Get your head in the game
We can't criticize the fan's passion, but the execution leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately, in his rush to make such
On a night that mostly belonged to Adam Greenberg's long-awaited redemption in a major league uniform, one young fan managed
The second half of the baseball season began on Friday and it didn't take long for a fan to find a new way to snag a foul
Morgan became tangled with the fan while chasing a foul ball along the right-field wall. The oft-ornery outfielder reached