foul language

Fall from grace But the sweet words of Farid, the sacred language of Nanak, Shah Hussain's love and the eternal poetry of
Having a toddler is like having a permanent voyeur living in your house. They see and hear everything. Except of course, the things you want them to see and hear. I still have to show Harrison how to put his underwear on right side front every day.
Apparently children are paying attention to their parents swearing, and it's rubbing off.
Friends had warned me if I didn't clean up my language, it was going to rub off on my son.
“We want ladies to act like ladies,” Lori Flynn, the Queen of Peace High School teacher behind the pledge, told the news
Some men have a hard time hearing women curse. They don't mind choice words being used during foreplay and sex, but they don't appreciate those same words being said in public.
As Morgan was putting on the mask, he had a sudden realization. "Holy s**t, nobody knows what the f**k we're saying," he
Just because a woman is capable and can keep up with the male gender doesn't mean she needs to be rough around the edges to "prove" it.
The kindergarten teacher wrote in curly script that she had instructed my sweet boy that day to use "kind" words, when talking with other students. Not words like "shit."
Julie Merberg has a very short problem. It's only four letters, which is the length of the words spilling out of the mouth