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This adorable new show certainly charmed our KIDS FIRST! reporters. It follows the life of the adorable Lily, a five-year-old who lives with her dad and she creates a cast of characters in her imagination that live in Driftwood Bay.
"By bringing my pain to the surface in this way, I can confront it and let it go."
What we know and what we don't know about the Philadelphia Wireman, one of the many artists whose stories risk going untold.
A friend has given me a homely gift. Because he's a poet he likes to tinker, sometimes with words, but he also fools with cast off things. My gift is "The Versinator" -- a glass instrument, formerly a piece of lab equipment.
For many years, Ramona Otto was an elementary school teacher. Full disclosure: She was my elementary school teacher. She'd often ask her students to bring in certain items for projects she was working on. Rulers, pencils and pins were often on her "treasure list."
My recent return to the Towers was 30-plus years after my first visit. I was thrilled to see that it remains a dominant presence in this Watts neighborhood. It's now secured by a tall metal white fence, and open for a small admission fee with limited hours, to the public.
The painting was originally owned by Constable's father-in-law and kept in Suffolk, eventually making its way to Kent before
The exact value of the flea market gem will soon be determined when the work heads to the auction block this fall. The fortuitous
One lucky shopper stumbled upon the art find of a lifetime when he purchased a bundle of unidentified sketches at a rummage sale in Las Vegas. At the time, Andy Fields, 49, had no idea that he was buying what experts believe is a previously unknown work by Andy Warhol. That's why he paid less than $5 for it.
The Vallee portrait is up for bid until August 7, so if you have a couple of million lying around you better act fast. The
According to the Wall Street Journal, Costen was exploring Turrell's LACMA retrospective when she first saw the light, so
The price of the comic book tallies in at over 10 fold the amount Gonzalez paid for the house. “It’s so hard for anyone to
A recent UK art auction serves as yet another friendly reminder to get artworks appraised. Today's found masterpiece, "Landscape
You don't have to be an artist -- or be arrested for civil disobedience -- to be an activist. "Write letters to the editor