found objects

"These objects ... represent a chapter of boyhood, his imagination, and the magic of finding a 'treasure.'"
In an attempt to bring together compelling examples of this trend, I asked a number of artists from various parts of the world to answer four questions with the hopes of clarifying this ever-increasing phenomenon of repurposing with a passion.
Meltzer explains, "Sometimes I use things very purposefully for their iconic content but other times it is just an attractive
Last week I visited sculptor Jessica Straus' studio, where she has worked for over twenty years. Her studio is a feast of objects, and it was incredible to get to see her various collections of objects, tools, machines and works that have accumulated over the years.
You could say I got my interpretation wrong; but this is not the best way to put it. Soodalter, after all, liked my version. She liked her version too, and her version contradicts my version, but she herself didn't reject my version. What does this mean?
We're spreading toxicity around the planet and into the atmosphere not simply by overconsumption, greed and carelessness but also by a fundamental failure to value all of life.
The resulting book, "Bella's Pockets," is a whimsical catalogue of "found" items curated by a 7-year-old for whom everything
Have you ever found a lost love letter stashed between the pages of a used book? How about a crumpled to-do list that includes