Founding Fathers

Besides Independence Day, July 4th is also known for other major events in U.S. history, including the opening of West Point military academy.
The Liberty University president's comments about Donald Trump didn't go over too well on Twitter.
The founding fathers may have all been white men in wigs, but their descendants certainly aren't.
Contra today’s populist spirit, America’s architects delegated authority to the few who would step back from the popular passions of prejudice and narrow self-interest to “refine and enlarge the public views.”
There’s a selfish resistance to change, not only by folks benefiting from Trump’s victory.
I could list a hundred reasons as to why I think Trump is unfit for the Oval Office. Let me instead focus on the issue of
There is now growing evidence that a hostile foreign power has done that of which Mr. Hamilton warned.
The Electors should be true to the intent of the Founding Fathers, to the democratic principle of s/he who got the most votes
The requirement here is modest: ten Republican electors appalled at the prospect of a Trump presidency, and sufficiently courageous to vote accordingly, must be persuaded to do so.
This "We The Voters" video delves into whether the Constitution is still relevant.
The U.S. has plenty of challenges at home, but an equal number of challenges abroad. Somehow, this has gotten lost in all
My daughter declared it the best day of her life, having chosen tickets to the show over a trip to Disney World.
Trump-era conservatives are only interested in propping up their religious beliefs without regard for how they impact others' lives. They have no concern for the rights of all citizens. They are not leading an intellectual movement, but rather a movement for their ethno religious politics.
The extraordinary rise of Donald Trump is forcing Americans, whether they like it or not, to consider just what they want