fountain of youth

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Brandon R. Peters, MD, is the creator of the Insomnia Solved program, the writer on sleep for, a neurology-trained
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7. IMAGINATIVE MUSEUMS At the Spanish Military Hospital Museum, a re-enactor nurse explains early surgical and apothecary
I've long noticed that many travelers seem younger than average in their appearance, attitudes, and energy levels. And I have a theory that just might explain it.
What if there is evidence of instructions with simple steps that serves as a recipe for a longer life, relatively free of disease -- a figurative fountain of information for youth? The American Heart Association has discovered the "fountain of youth" and calls it Life's Simple 7 (Los 7 Pasos).
Hollywood is obsessed with staying young and some celebs seem to have found the fountain of youth.
Grace is yes. Grace is for now. A cheerleader for now. Grace whispers in your ear. I'm leaving soon so love me now, love
We can all agree that it's a great feat to live to be 100 -- but it's an even greater feat if you live well, well past it
The quest for a fountain of youth drug is, of course, nothing new. Much has been written about resveratrol, a chemical compound
I had an experience 10 years ago that I still think about when I go into a department store. My best friend and I were at the makeup counter and no one would wait on us. 'It's our age,' she said to me with disdain. 'Our age? We're not even 60 yet,' I quipped. 'You're clueless,' she replied. 'We're not getting waited on because they can't see us. We're getting older. We're invisible.'
We're all looking for the fountain of youth. It's right in front of our eyes. Not only do we want to live to a ripe old age, but we also want to do so while maintaining our vigor and health. What good is it to live longer but be in failing health and homebound?
That's right, a 2012 study in Scotland found that people who upped their fruit and veggie intake by just three servings a
Mitochondrial biochemist Michael Ristow of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich says that the molecular mechanism
Though the water flowing from a Chicago-area pump has been tested by chemists and found to be not too different from any
When they started high school, I knew it was time to take the artwork down. Otherwise, I just looked pathetic: an old mom clinging to old memories. But all I could muster was to move them upstairs, to my office, where I could secretly look at them.
Before we begin, I know there are lots of tonics, miracle vitamins, hormone therapy, cleanses and diets that have claimed to be the Fountain of Youth for those of us past age 50. So before you suspend belief or stop reading, check out this recent photo of me.
Similar studies on mice have shown certain compounds can certainly have an anti-aging effect. Reservatrol has been touted