Four Little Girls

Cynthia… Carole… Addie Mae… Denise…
Attacks on historically black churches, 1950s-present Black communities in America have long used the church as a place to
The undervaluing of black lives and race-based hate crimes remain a critical issue. How can a people be truly free if they are dehumanized, and even killed, because of their race, and often without consequence?
"The only way they could do that is if they didn’t see that person as a human being," Roberts said. "Torture is the end result
As I watched the news footage of the Congressional Medal of Honor being awarded to the deceased young girls, I couldn't help but tear up, for a moment, as I watched America's first African-American president of the United States sign his name next to theirs.
Nearly 50 years ago, a bomb planted by white supremacists killed four little girls in Birmingham's 16th Street Baptist Church. There is now a bipartisan effort to posthumously award the Congressional Gold Medal to these precious young girls.
The significance of Obama's inauguration resides in the sweat, blood, and tears shed by our forefathers so that people of all races, creed, and gender could share in the American inheritance.