Another celebrity bites the dust on Fox's masquerade competition.
Fox's offbeat costume party eliminated the off-key contestant in a battle against Flower, Penguin and Fox.
Another celebrity had to bear the disappointment of exiting the kooky Fox masquerade.
“This North Korean propaganda is getting a little over the top."
The actor, accused of staging a homophobic attack on himself in January, won't appear on the Fox show's final season.
"Empire" actor, Jussie Smollett had been accused of staging a hate crime against himself.
“The Simpsons” episode featuring Michael Jackson has been axed in the wake of the documentary “Leaving Neverland.”
The Bee, Peacock and Monster take it off -- and one was crowned champion.
A local Fox television station claimed it was defending the governor against sexist attacks online.
Marina Toybina has designed costumes for everyone from Taylor Swift to Pineapple.
The broadcast of the musical about impoverished young artists living under the cloud of HIV/AIDS only switched to live for the finale.
The year 2018 was a surreal freak show of epic proportions. But with Fox's latest reality singing competition show, 2019 boldly says “hold my mask.”
President Trump called up his friends at Fox, giving a rambling interview on Kanye, Michael Cohen, and fake news.
Clayne Crawford, who currently co-stars as Martin Riggs, has allegedly created a toxic environment on set.
The stage and screen favorite plays a snarky, gay flight attendant in the Fox comedy.