Fox Nation

Fox Nation split up Tyrus and his former co-host, Britt McHenry, after he sent her the messages. But he still works at the network.
Fox News' sexual harassment problem is apparently not in the past.
The "Full Frontal" host described Fox Nation as "pure substance-free propaganda squirted right down your slobber hole."
Fox News' streaming service is a flag-waving nightmare of state propaganda.
Maddow said, "A constant 14 percent of the feedback I get is hate mail," she said. "But 100 percent of that 14 percent hate
Below, see how Fox Nation approached the story. Fox Nation, Fox News' aggregation site, offered its unique take on President
As soon as President Obama announced that he now backs same-sex marriage, the blog Fox Nation rolled out a headline typically
UPDATE (4:36 p.m. EST): Fox Nation changed its leading headline. As is often the case, Fox News' eccentric aggregation cousin
(H/T Media Matters) Al Sharpton, Patrick Gaspard, UBS Investment Bank President Robert Wolf, FCC Chair Julius Genachowski
Their latest - and probably biggest - cash grab is noted liar Jerome Corsi's upcoming book, Where's The Birth Certificate
Fox News' first segment on James O'Keefe's arrest was as funny as it was disappointing. During the report, Tim Gaughan called the news a "very weird story that probably needs a lot of context and a lot of looking into."
The fear-mongering and overreaction to the Underpants Bomber has signaled that we're all too willing to succumb to a national panic attack, and to sacrifice our liberties for the illusion of security.
Following White House communications director Anita Dunn's recent critique of Fox News serving as an "arm" of the Republican
In the two months that followed the website's launch, The Fox Nation has displayed an uncanny ability to mislead readers, twist the truth, spread wild conspiracy theories, and misrepresent the reporting of legitimate journalists.
At the time of the brutal attack on Matthew Shepard, I was working as finance director for an Iowa Republican Congressman with a staunchly anti-gay voting record. Back then I'd never told a soul that I was gay.
We call our children digital natives. But a digital generation is made, not born. Children must learn not just how to surf, link, load and click, but how to ask, judge and think to understand our world.
Fox Nation looks like just another platform from which Fox News can be "the voice of opposition" to the Obama administration.
Fox Nation, an opinionated Web site that launches this morning -- and really, what other network would name a country after