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The Allegation: O'Reilly has claimed, both in interviews and in his book Killing Kennedy, to have been present at the suicide
"Apparently, they [Fox News] think it's proper for one journalist to call another one names," Corn told Maddow. "Not that
During an interview Tuesday with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, Hidalgo announced she plans to sue Fox News after the network
“I’m tough on everybody,” he added about himself. Visit New York magazine for more. Despite O'Reilly's claim that some of
Williams and O'Reilly went back and forth for some time. The two Fox News personalities have clashed over the IRS scandal
Scott Brown has a big night ahead of him on Fox News. The former senator from Massachusetts tweeted that he will be guest
The fox was shown racing against horses representing the broadcast networks--ABC, NBC, and CBS--not cable news competitors
Foes Bill O'Reilly and Jon Stewart are in the midst of another disagreement. (h/t Daily Caller) "Well here's what I'm talking
He then concluded that the far left was a "dangerous outfit, bent on destroying traditional America and replacing it with