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Trump isn't just a menace to the GOP, he's a menace to our entire political culture. As the saying goes, "Every time he opens his mouth he subtracts from the sum total of human knowledge."
Wednesday's show consisted of part one of a two-part interview with the parents of Josh Duggar, the TLC star who recently
Fox News host Megyn Kelly isn't letting Donald Trump get away with claiming he's qualified to run for president. Kelly also
"Come on, Doc," Kelly interrupted. "This sounds irresponsible!' H/T Mediaite The Fox News host said that the patient, Dr
We're not sure if Bill O'Reilly found this joke very funny. Fox News' Megyn Kelly was on Thursday's "Late Night With Seth
Megyn Kelly got hit with a dose of reality Monday night when she played a clip from "Jeopardy!" that asked about the "blonde" Fox News weeknight anchor. The contestants were stumped, especially the one brave woman who hit her buzzer only to say, "Nancy Grace" and be totally wrong.
(h/t: The Right Scoop) Well, that's one way to keep yourself grounded. "Don't be fooled, I am huge!" Kelly joked after not
It's unclear what this means and how it could impact Smith's current schedule. Smith currently hosts two hours on Fox News
Fox News continues to be near the top in cable television in terms of the number of viewers it attracts, but it is near the
Powers defended Costas' ability to express his opinion and said that she did not hear him suggest anything about laws. "Bob
"I can tell. You enjoy yourself," Shepard responded. "Wow." Just before she tossed to the next Fox News program, Kelly said
Watch the latest video at Kelly briefly recounted Sorenson's campaign jump, and attributed one of the reasons
If you haven't seen Kelly's positively apoplectic pre-election interview with Obama spokesman Bill Burton, you owe it to yourself to take a look. Just Google "Megyn Kelly" and "goes nuts," and it will pop up immediately.