fox news war on christmas

"I cannot understand for the life of me why anyone would bother trying to diminish the federal holiday of Christmas," he
WASHINGTON -- For years, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly has been trying to save Christmas from all the pinheads who want to
Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, it is true that our country is undergoing some profound changes in demographics. We are more religiously and culturally diverse than ever before and this diversity will automatically evoke some strong reactions. Plus we have a rising population that does not feel affiliated with any religious tradition and this too contributes to the new cultural landscape. So, it is not surprising that those used to Christianity being the dominant religion in America feel unease in this new reality. So, consider this a primer to help all of us 'just get along' during this 'holiday season.'
"I was a little bit flabbergasted and a little bit upset that we've become so politically correct that we can't call a federal
Historians have long known that early Christians wrote -- and wrote and wrote -- about martyrs, but evidence from outside the movement simply does not confirm this picture.
The fox was shown racing against horses representing the broadcast networks--ABC, NBC, and CBS--not cable news competitors
At this point, "Fox & Friends" has to be doing Christmas more harm than good. In its most absurd defense against the war
Watch the latest video at "Fox and Friends" hosted Santa impersonator Sal Lizard to speak out about "political
Let me be the voice of atheists and tell you this: I don't care about Christmas. I'm 27 and have outgrown the whole thing. Christmas is basically a rip off of a pagan holiday named Yule, anyway, and that holiday looks fun. There's a lot of drinking and sex.
On his show, Stewart responded to his Fox News buddy. "Here's where we find the distinction between philosophy and religion
On Monday night's "The Daily Show," Stewart tore apart the cable network's yearly obsession with defending the holiday by
Father Jonathan Morris, who has been a contributor on Fox News since 2005, recently visited the set of "Fox & Friends" to
Chafee made headlines when he decided to call the tree in the Rhode Island Statehouse a "holiday tree" instead of a "Christmas
"Actually it's a celestial event," Silverman said. "And you're right, it would be secular." "You are a fascist," O'Reilly
(h/t Media Matters) Costa agreed and said that the war on Christmas is not only impacting Rhode Island. "I've been getting
Doocy also hosted a segment called "How Not To Get Sued Over Christmas," where Fox News' resident lawyer Peter Johnson, Jr
If there is a War on Christmas, the liberals are getting routed. It's time for evangelicals to declare victory on this front and fight the real secular threat to the true meaning of Christmas: Santa Claus.
It amazes me that in less than a century Christians have gone from opposing over-consumption at Christmas to demanding it be done in Christ's name alone.