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We either have to collectively decide that we'll hold onto our current products as long as we can until the promise of sustainable manufacturing is made, or to line up like cattle for the next level of expensive gadgets made possible by a tremendous amount of human suffering.
According to Shanghai's Dongfang Daily, thousands of Chinese students worked at a Foxconn plant as part of a work-study program. Only one problem: Any students that did not participate or left the program early would lose six college credits, and his or her chance at a diploma.
Reports from students have painted a grim picture of what sounds like the worst internship possible, in which moving boxes
FIH also said it planned to change its name to FIH Mobile Ltd to avoid confusion with its unlisted parent Foxconn Technology
Foxconn's hiring freeze in China has prompted many industry pundits to speculate as to the reasons behind the slowdown. Some
TAIPEI (Reuters) - Taiwan's Foxconn Technology Group said on Monday that 40 people were injured in a fight triggered by a
"The work pressure is still great," said a worker surnamed Wang who has worked at Foxconn's complex in Guanlan making iPhones
By John Ruwitch Foxconn's manufacturing in China will focus on domestic consumers in the country of 1.3 billion people, as
One of the most common complaints I heard: being treated unfairly by immediate supervisors. Some workers complained about
Results from the FLA probe show improvement in compliance with a section of Apple's Supplier Code of Conduct stating that
Labor Minister Yin Weimin said foreign companies generally followed the law when it came to their workers, but added that
Working conditions at Foxconn, whose flagship unit is Taiwan's Hon Hai Precision Industries group, have in particular been
To companies like HP and Dell that specialize in creating ultra-efficient supply chains and cutting costs to preserve razor
The explosion ripped through Building A5 on a Friday evening last May, an eruption of fire and noise that twisted metal pipes
Chances are, the computer you're reading this post on was made in Shenzhen, China. If it's an Apple, it was made at Foxconn. Shenzhen is a special economic zone where China's already lax labor laws don't apply.
After a string of eleven suicides this year at Chinese electronics manufacturer Foxconn put the company under intense international
Police said Li Hai, 19, killed himself after working at the plant for only 42 days, the official Xinhua News Agency reported
Foxconn makes products for leading Western companies including the Mac mini, the iPod, the iPad, and the iPhone for Apple