Foxconn Suicides

According to Shanghai's Dongfang Daily, thousands of Chinese students worked at a Foxconn plant as part of a work-study program. Only one problem: Any students that did not participate or left the program early would lose six college credits, and his or her chance at a diploma.
As Friedman bops from one global aerie to the next, absorbing the latest sweet whispers from the mesmeric elites he encounters, there's never a reason to end the pep rally. Everything just looks amazing once you're ahead of the curve.
Now that three weeks have passed since Jobs' demise, it is time to look beyond the glorification and dissect some hidden aspects of his life. He could have changed the world but he chose to think like the others.
The popular media sees Steve Jobs as a founding father and revolutionary to how the masses use computers. But Mr. Jobs had his faults, and the problem I am having is that the media is ignoring this.
Apple may be reporting record company sales in 2011, but one thing the company is not making noise about are the details surrounding a string of recent tragedies at the Chinese factory where so much of Apple's current success story is based.