Their comeback from the brink of extinction is an inspirational win for wildlife.
Finn the fox was not giving up.
Orphaned Puggle is getting rehabilitated so he can one day go back to the wild.
He was only two weeks old when a family found him in their garden in North West London.  
When a wild fox cub decided to explore a construction site in his neighborhood in 2012, he didn't realize that he was putting
A picture in the tourist brochure shows the Russian Orthodox Cathedral on the Aleutian island of Unalaska with a bald eagle atop the crosses on each dome and a third on the red-tiled roof to the side. But the eagles are avoiding me on my spiritual passage.
A tiny baby fox is now getting a second chance at life after being abandoned by its mother.
Foxes are fantastic creatures, even when they aren't playing with dog toys. But give them a ball, and they'll run with it
(vanillakitty/Reddit via foxthrow/Imgur) "I see red foxes a few times a year, so I know we have foxes around," Wang told