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The union reached a tentative agreement with studios and producers on Wednesday, after nearly four months on strike.
“If I were [Disney] ... I would lock him behind doors and never let him talk to anybody about this," said Drescher, who leads the actors union now on strike.
The “Nanny” star and SAG-AFTRA president gave an impassioned speech as the union representing roughly 160,000 Hollywood performers voted to strike.
The 'Nanny' star got real about Barbara Streisand, health insurance, and one really gnarly toenail incident.
The CBS sitcom presented Fran Drescher as a sassy fashionista who held then-progressive views of the queer community, journalist Matt Baume finds.
The future president guest-starred on the 1990s sitcom and asked for a telling script change.
The show's costume designer reveals how she created Fran Fine’s style and recalls a certain guest star ― Donald Trump.
The new "What Fran Wore" Instagram account is just the tip of the nasal, well-dressed iceberg.