Franca Sozzani

Sozzani's spirit of support for younger generations, her untiring resolve to make sure "that fashion would enter into the
The groundbreaking fashion force died Thursday at age 66.
How do you portrait your mother, an independent, successful spirit who raised you as a single career-woman who was never particularly interested in the conventional idea of love and family?
am a Millennial and I love to uplift and recognize fellow Millennials out there who are doing amazing things and striving every day for change. Change for Millennials is an active concept, it means making an impact, seeing dreams coming true, fighting for the chance of winning.
With Tom Ford, chances are that if he throws a rock in the wind, he will hit gold. When it comes to fashion, Ford has conquered
DB: A woman that is walking fast in a busy place among thousands of people yet stands out. DB: Hard working with a good sense
As the first outfit from Ivory Coast's Dent de Man came out, I felt goosebumps, wowed by its beauty and style. Wax fabrics have always been a part of my life, as long as I can remember I wore them wrapped around my waist in the summer, at the beach, or had jackets made on a 125th Street in Harlem by the Senegalese tailors there.
Extreme thinness can weave itself into the runway ideal, through the inclusion of some unhealthy, rail-thin, often very young models. In response, many in the fashion industry are concerned about the vulnerability of models and are trying to make a difference.
She also noted that last year alone, 1,700 women in Italy were attacked and almost 130 were killed. Many objectors took to
Cover shoots for Vogue, music videos for global pop stars, celebrity portraits and the New York Times Screen Tests for T Magazine. This CV sounds like it belongs to an industry veteran, rather than 30-year-old Italian photographer cum filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini.
As editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani is one of the world’s most influential fashion figures. Through her involvement
“We’re having conversations about the celebration and the creativity of the cultures of the world -- and to bring the awareness
The end-all, be-all of cover girls: "'If you think about all the [fashion] movements we have had in the years, they came
Join legendary Franca Sozzani, the editorial director of Condé Nast Italy and editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, l'Uomo Vogue
When I read who was coming to Harvard's public forum, "Health Is Beauty: Defining Ourselves," I knew I was going. The Harris Center's 15th annual forum offered a rare insider's view of an issue near and dear my professional heart -- body image and the media.
So what to do? Well, events like the Harris Center Public Forum, run by the Harris Center for Education and Advocacy in Eating
Which of the Harris Center's recent achievements are you most proud of? One of the questions that frequently came up [among
UPDATE #2: Franca's office says that the editor in chief was deluged by phone calls once this story hit. But Sozzani "confirms
We've contacted Vogue Italia and Franca's office for comment and we'll definitely update you when we find out the story. In