France 24

The new rule took effect just days after Getty Images, the world's largest provider of stock photos, announced a ban on doctored images.
A reporter in Gaza had to take cover after rocket fire went off right by him during a live report on Thursday. One second
Russia Today logo France 24, supported by the French government and launched during the tenure of former president Jacques
Sarkozy has pulled the plug on the foreign language broadcasts of France 24, the all-news satellite channel launched with much fanfare in December 2006 by Jacques Chirac.
French citizens are griping about media coverage of their president's love life, reports of his third marriage, their leader's "scandalous" in-your-face public behavior and a cost of living galloping.
CNN appears determined to make its international feed unobtainable in this country. But 90 minutes of Al Jazeera English is like watching real news; I'll need some time to recover.