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His daughter and party leader Marine Le Pen has been trying to oust him.
Polls suggest she could make it into the second-round run-off of a presidential election but was unlikely to win. "Ultimately
She added she would oppose her father's bid to lead the party in the southern region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur in December
This is reflective of wider political debates in France about the role of religion. Historically, France has drawn a strict
What has happened to our "Country of Enlightenment"? France has always bragged about being a model of coexistence where the universalist and color blind philosophy of our Republic was supposed to protect us from racial tension. If we don't want our country to plunge into the abyss, the republican fable we are telling has to come to an end.
A second round of voting is due next Sunday but FN leader Marine Le Pen, who has softened the party's image since taking
The Halal Controvers And The Merah Case Le Pen's campaign drew strength by focusing on the fundamental issues of the National