France Jews

France’s chief rabbi rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s suggestion that European Jews should flee to Israel
Pew Research estimates, however, that there were roughly as many Jews in France as of 2010 as there were in 1939, and some
France has the biggest Jewish community in Europe -- around 550,000 -- a population that has grown by about half since World
Many French Jews came in retirement for the sun and sea and don't even speak Hebrew. Some still return to France regularly
In Sarcelles, 10 miles from Paris, Jewish and Muslim communities have lived together for decades, more or less in harmony
"They told us that all schools and all synagogues will be protected in measures that, if necessary, extend beyond the police
Police ordered shops in the Jewish neighborhood of Marais in central Paris to close Friday afternoon as the hostage crisis
A hashtag expressing solidarity for the Jewish population of France is gathering traction on Twitter. #JeSuisJuif began trending