francesca woodman

In this fascinating exhibition, Warren finds undercurrents of the surreal coursing through artworks one would not usually associate with Surrealism, deftly expanding the definition whilst introducing a wide range of works.
Before her death at just 22 years old, Woodman became one of the most seductive and haunting photographers of all time.
If Francis Bacon and Francesca Woodman had ever teamed up, we imagine the result would strongly resemble Rik Garrett's "Symbiosis
If you're in New York and at all interested in photography, do yourself a favor and check out this show.
WHO: Francesca Woodman WHY: Woodman's influence is everywhere, from the body-centric autobiographical stylings of Lena Dunham
Artists tend to attract drama. The mix of talent, ego and disregard for societal norms makes for captivating stories dripping
Was she a precocious prodigy who began shooting photographs at age 13 and within a year was working on a mature, masterful body of work? Or was she the main character in a gothic tragedy that has reached mythic proportions? Or perhaps both?
The collection is akin to how Francesca Woodman turned her home into a haunted house with a darkness that is light as air
Christer Strömholm photographed these transgender "ladies of the night," who were biological males forced into selling their
In "Finding Francesca Woodman," Jillian Steinhauer writes about the morbid fascination with the young photographer's suicide