The Pontiff has met with transgender people both individually and in groups over the course of his pontificate.
The Pontiff apologized last month for abuses in Canada’s church-run residential schools but wants to personally apologize to survivors of misguided Catholic missionary zeal.
Pope Francis said Wednesday that Catholic bishops must minister to politicians who back abortion with “compassion and tenderness.”
Thanks to Pope Francis, Sister Nathalie Becquart can likely vote at the next synod of bishops in 2022.
The pope released the message on the Catholic feast day for journalists.
The American Jewish Committee urged Francis to “to reconsider his regrettable choice of words.”
The bloc's 60th anniversary celebrations have been tempered by Britain's impending departure.
Respecting differences is a critical element of everything that happens at colleges and universities. The dignity and value of every human being is paramount, and the hope is that graduates go into the world enriched with the tools and resolve to help make it a better place for everyone they encounter