Francis Ford Coppola

Coppola had whacked the superhero flicks, calling them "despicable."
The actress said a staged ceremony for the 1992 film "Dracula" may have been the real thing.
The director and his cast reunited for the movie's 45th anniversary.
The idea that Russian intelligence would intervene to delegitimize the Clintons here and around the world was anything but
Pacino and Brando -- from The Annotated Godfather Grosso had previously gone nationwide doing publicity for the book, and
I found in my research that the true Dracula’s wife had committed suicide believing he had been killed by the Turks “defending
"People disagree with me, but now, the young actors are better than ever."
The new Star Wars film represents not so much a new hope as an old hope renewed. Or, since it's still the case that so few have actually seen the film, it represents the hope of an old hope renewed.
"We were always joking around," says Robert Duvall.
Christian Slater sat down recently to discuss his career past, present and future.
Although already a seasoned actor at age 14 when he was cast in Coppola's surreal Vietnam war epic, young "Larry" Fishburne went on location to the jungles of the Philippines a boy, and returned both a man, and one of our finest actors. He hasn't stopped working since.
More than a century ago, people across the world passed in front of the Lumières' camera. Some stared, trying to divine its purpose. Others tried to avoid the contraption, preferring to slip out of view.
Chris Pratt will make you want to hug him instead of your neighbor during the many guaranteed-to-grab moments in Jurassic World. IMAX has never looked so good and been so powerful.
Goodbye, Patrick. Thank you for always staying down to Earth, even when Hollywood tried to cast you out among the stars.
What I saw instead was a man who seemed to be at peace with himself and his life, who loved his children, art, film and new ideas. Sometimes when you have seen life at its ugliest, as Hopper surely had, you're able to come out the other side and drink in its beauty. I hope this was true.