Francis Ford Coppola

Coppola died Friday at home in Rutherford, California, her family announced in a statement.
As if people needed any more reasons to love Keanu Reeves.
Coppola had whacked the superhero flicks, calling them "despicable."
The actress said a staged ceremony for the 1992 film "Dracula" may have been the real thing.
The director and his cast reunited for the movie's 45th anniversary.
"People disagree with me, but now, the young actors are better than ever."
"We were always joking around," says Robert Duvall.
The new doc revisits one of the most troubled film sets in history.
Marlon Brando died on July 1, 2004. Now in the aftermath of the tenth anniversary of his death, it is time to acknowledge what has been overlooked: that our foremost American actor had a mind.