francis lawrence

A film adaptation of Suzanne Collins' latest novel is in the works from director Francis Lawrence.
Our girl's got a lot going on in "Mockingjay - Part 2."
"Because the books are so Katniss-centric, and every scene you see and hear and experience is through Katniss' eyes, we have
Usually, when you play "Whatever Happened To...?" it's with some washed-up celebrity. You track the downward career spiral of a Max Baer Jr, a Johnny Whittaker, a Kim Kardashian (not yet, but one day, one day), and get a concentrated lesson in the impermanence of fame.
At this point, it seems pretty pointless to review a new entry in The Hunger Games series. 
As I sat in an early screening of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 last week, I realized that I was experiencing a first in my career -- which, at my age, is a rare thing.
Susan Collins started all of this with an idea of a theme, and she wanted to create a series of stories for young adults about the consequences of war.
There are scenes that are similar to what happens in the first movie -- like the introductions and then even the first part
This is where the problems for the movie start. Because once again, we have another training montage. Once again, we watch
"We did that scene for a whole day. When we first started shooting, I was actually eating two sugar cubes," Claflin told