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The annual conference served as yet another reminder of how the conservative movement in America is joined at the hip with the white nationalist movement.
Richard Spencer wasn’t allowed inside, but a bunch of other racists, conspiracy theorists and extremists were.
Meet the new recipient of the Center for Security Policy's Freedom Flame Award: Ambassador Ron Dermer
These are more than just a few absurd and cringe-worthy comments; instead, they represent a line of thinking that has elevated many right-wing politicians who wield significant power in this country.
This week a coalition of mostly far-right "Christian" organizations hosted a conference in Washington that claimed to be defending persecuted minorities in the Middle East. After examining the groups involved and list of invited speakers, the conference's purposes appear to be dangerously provocative and even sinister.
John Kasich knows people from his time in Washington: people who are biding their time in the think tanks, where they have
Try to imagine your local sheriff's department picking and choosing streets to patrol based on the (perceived) religious identity of the residents. It's not a pretty picture.
Frank Gaffney has also accused conservative leader Grover Norquist of sinister ties to radical Islam.
Ted Cruz Defends Frank Gaffney
Here are some of the most Islamophobic theories spun out of the mind of Frank Gaffney.
Krikorian and Gaffney, though, are anything but an alternative. "Grown-up" bigotry is still bigotry. So, what "grown-up alternative
Three of them are even involved with noted bigot Frank Gaffney's conference.