Frank Gehry

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Looking ahead, the outpour of artistic energy appears to be far from ebbing. "I believe we have awakened a sleeping giant
NATIONAL HARBOR MD Notable Frederick Resident: Francis Scott Key might have penned the famous Star Spangled Banner 50 miles
The last time such an aesthetic revolution occurred was when the first Bauhaus buildings began appearing in the West in the
The Los Angeles art scene is booming! As an arts writer, each weekend I attempt to see as many exhibitions as possible.
One of the most important focuses of the recent LA Art Show was a dialogue about the Los Angeles River and its relationship to art, moderated by Marisa Calchiolo.
There was a lot more to our tour and we barely scratched the surface of outstanding historic and contemporary buildings (the
Frank Gehry's visit to the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum had many members of the Harvard community, myself among them, thrilled to hear one of the great architects of our time discuss his work. His work, after all, is responsible for his fame.
In the last few days, Paris has been in the news and on our minds for all the wrong reasons... tragic reasons. And still, there is no doubt that with its indomitable spirit and enduring troves of art and culture, the city -- and France itself -- will overcome.
So I leave you with three chanced-upon art encounters, which may or may not be art brut, I leave that to you to define. The