Frank Lautenberg

The suspect had a history of domestic violence, like many mass shooters before him.
How the previously obscure Anne Frank Center became one of the most scathing critics of the new administration.
A professor of mine at the University of Michigan Law School once said that problems become more solvable when people lower their voices and work things out.
If 50 percent of all cancers are preventable, we need to start hearing news about cancer declining, not increasing. Are we as a nation up to this challenge?
Boxer criticized the bill for not imposing strong enough deadlines for regulating chemicals, and for continuing to exempt
Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh also criticized the bill's position on state rule-making, saying it would limit states
Here in the United States our toxic chemical policy is best described as caveat emptor -- let the buyer beware -- and it's making us sick.
For Murray, taking over the legislation from Lautenberg, who died in 2013, was somewhat personal after she learned one of
Today, Thanksgiving is all about football, gluttony, and now even sensational shopping rather than a celebration of the goodness and bounty of our land and our people. Much of our lack of respect of Thanksgiving comes down to a societal impudence for our great American institutions.
Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.) introduced a resolution in the House this week, proposing a ban on death gratuities for spouses
Hours before Newark Mayor Cory Booker (D) won a New Jersey special senatorial election to succeed the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D), U.S. senators paid tribute to Lautenberg in their own way.
The budget bill also includes a provision granting a sizable funding boost to a lock and dam project on the Ohio River, benefiting
It can be a frustrating place advocating as the underdog in a battle against special interest groups. But I won't pour water on the beach or stomp down our sand castles. Instead, I will start looking for new ways to inspire and drive market demand for green products.
The EPA withdrawing the latest two rules wasn't exactly a surprise to advocates of reforming chemical policy in the U.S. "This
New Jersey voters took a step closer to choosing a new United States senator Tuesday, picking Democrat Cory Booker and Republican Steve Lonegan to face off in an October special election.
Polls show Booker leading Lonegan by a large margin in the Oct. 16 special election. The winner will serve 14 months, the
National Intelligence Director James Clapper to establish surveillance committee; New Jersey voters decide which candidates will run for the late Frank Lautenberg's senate seat; NYC's Democratic mayoral candidates face off ahead of the primary.
Democrat Cory Booker and Republican Steve Lonegan are expected to easily win their party primaries. Barring an upset, the