Frank Lloyd Wright

On his 150th birthday, a digital tour of the architect's best designs.
1. Wright’s childhood nursery was decorated with engravings of English cathedrals.
It's a journey worth taking - in person or in print. Villa Savoye, 1931, Le Corbusier To order a copy, go here. Most people
Patriot Radio by Norman Bel Geddis; Photo: Matt Flynn; © Smithsonian Institution In 1948, young George Kravis bought his
What's coming next from Lynn Rosen? I have several ideas bubbling in my mind. They all derive from experiences--little vignettes
A house with a one-of-a-kind pedigree will soon hit the auction block in Los Angeles. Built in 1939 -- the same year as Fallingwater -- it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, its construction supervised by a young John Lautner.
There was a lot more to our tour and we barely scratched the surface of outstanding historic and contemporary buildings (the
A chance to own your very own historical landmark! Designed by the son of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this five-bedroom, three-bath Glendale home has been immaculately restored to maintain its original look and feel.
Chicago is tired of being flown over. It is tired of being called the third coast. It is tired of being known for its fierce wind, multiple members of the Daley family, and the Mob. It is tired of being called the Second City.The first Chicago Architecture Biennial -- a success on many counts -- lays all that to rest.