Frank Lloyd Wright

My father's incredible adventures foreshadowed my own wanderlust and the meaning that Pan Am came to have for me. As a child
It's a journey worth taking - in person or in print. Villa Savoye, 1931, Le Corbusier To order a copy, go here. Most people
Patriot Radio by Norman Bel Geddis; Photo: Matt Flynn; © Smithsonian Institution In 1948, young George Kravis bought his
What's coming next from Lynn Rosen? I have several ideas bubbling in my mind. They all derive from experiences--little vignettes
A house with a one-of-a-kind pedigree will soon hit the auction block in Los Angeles. Built in 1939 -- the same year as Fallingwater -- it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, its construction supervised by a young John Lautner.
There was a lot more to our tour and we barely scratched the surface of outstanding historic and contemporary buildings (the