Frank Underwood House of Cards

Robin Wright's Claire Underwood delivers an epic speech at the foot of her husband's gravesite.
What Frank Underwood showed me is that, as much as video game audiences have diversified, so too have their purposes. Where games once existed as static console-based entities for specialized nerds to plug into, games are now an ubiquitous feature across all our devices.
Frank Underwood, the megalomaniacal president in "House of Cards," is really into video games. Like, "ignore the splendor of Robin Wright" into video games.
Claire finally got off the couch and started to do some of her own inveigling this season. She threatened the health and
Beau Willimon, the creator of Netflix's "House of Cards" tweeted out over the weekend that while the rest of us were busy
Here is Jennifer Lawerence's reaction to seeing her favorite slimy politician: Here is Spacey giving an Underwood introduction
Frank Underwood can be cold or compassionate, but he's always calculating. He knows what he wants. When he has an opening
Joe Biden has made headlines for some questionable gaffes and eyebrow-raising behavior during his tenure as vice president
Everything has to be about (in some way or another) law-making or policy formation and yet we have little exposure to the