As a scientist, I applaud the mayor for trying to protect New Yorkers from climate chaos. But who's looking out for the rest of America? It's hard to understand why President Obama isn't responding to the climate crisis with the same urgency displayed by the leader of our largest city.
Alison has rallied hundreds of contacts through Facebook and Twitter to join her in volunteering. They are headquartered
IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): GA utility tries to muscle out solar startup; Forecast: drought and more drought
Ultimately, the directors and volunteers are on the same side. But, so many people are telling so many tales as to who's to blame, you can't help but feel caught in the web of complete chaos. Nothing is as it appears to be, and those poor folks need help.
It was the nail-biter that wasn't... not even close. By just after 11, the GOP gave up the ghost.
Before the flood, I would have told my child that place doesn't matter. That you are you and the place you stand is just a changing backdrop, irrelevant to what you become. But now, I know that is not true.
As the ice disappears, polar bears are drowning and starving. Indeed, scientists have documented a wide range of impacts from the polar meltdown, from smaller body sizes to decreasing cub survival rates.
What Bradford recommends: warm clothing; a way to sterilize water, be it filtration, iodine or a battery-powered UV lamp
8. Accept help. This is no time to be a martyr, especially when kids are concerned. A couple of days of roughing it "Little House on the Prairie"-style are fine, but don't wait for the coughing to set in before taking refuge somewhere warm.
Without power or heat, we jumped at the chance to sleep on their sofa.
Hurricane Sandy has reminded me to show more gratitude during my life after 50.
How much of a factor is weather in deciding where to retire? Retiring snowbirds from the Northeast and Midwest have long headed to Florida and Arizona for weather reasons and I wondered if my friend was planning on leaving New Jersey's dreariness.
“We’re New Yorkers,” Lukos added, beginning the boil on another pot of coffee. “Sometimes we forget this. But we can get
Bradford and Chris Lukos, another Eastern Mountain Sports proprietor, kept the outdoorsman’s shop open every day post-Sandy
The Jersey Shore is its own world -- it will never be gone. Danny told me there are pictures on Facebook, iconic pictures, of the devastation. I haven't seen them yet even when the power comes back on, I don't know if I even want to look.
As devastating as the last week has been, what we learn from the experience helps us move forward and prepare for what might come in the future.
Thankfully, responsible media outlets are doing their job. They show us the scenes of devastation and despair caused by extreme weather disasters. They chronicle the undeniable trends in global warming. They explain the facts.
The first way people think of, and often the most obvious, is to simply ask for a loan from friends and neighbors who followed
IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): CIA's Climate Change Security Report Delayed Due To Hurricane Sandy; Winter Storm
Emotional "Frankenstorms" are explainable, understandable even. But they still cause damage in our relationships