Frankenstorm 2012

How much of a factor is weather in deciding where to retire? Retiring snowbirds from the Northeast and Midwest have long headed to Florida and Arizona for weather reasons and I wondered if my friend was planning on leaving New Jersey's dreariness.
Simply hanging around Union Square, one could learn anything from which rare vendors took credit cards (Whole Foods and some
As rising water began to turn Manhattan into a murky, concrete swamp, NYU’s Langone Medical Center was undergoing an emergency
The toxic gas becomes fatal with sustained concentrations above 150 parts per million, however symptoms of carbon monoxide
Bloomberg News reports that, even in areas where power for ATMs is back on, armored cars containing cash often can’t or don’t
Schools in New York City and neighboring districts are closed for the rest of the week as city officials work to get things
SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS AND TWITTER REACTIONS. New York City subways returned early Thursday with limited service above 34th
8:30 a.m. ET: Initial Jobless Claims for the week of Oct. 27 You can help with disaster relief by donating to the Red Cross
President Barack Obama viewed some of the damage to the coast during a Wednesday afternoon visit with New Jersey Gov. Chris
Sandy truly lived up to its hype as a superstorm. Wind, water, flooding, even snow, has left one of our most densely populated areas paralyzed for days. A record storm by any measure, Hurricane Sandy has left its mark.