Frankenstorm 2012

How much of a factor is weather in deciding where to retire? Retiring snowbirds from the Northeast and Midwest have long headed to Florida and Arizona for weather reasons and I wondered if my friend was planning on leaving New Jersey's dreariness.
Bradford and Chris Lukos, another Eastern Mountain Sports proprietor, kept the outdoorsman’s shop open every day post-Sandy
************************* One neighborhood hit the hardest by Hurricane Sandy was Breezy Point, in the Rockaways section
To learn more about how to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and properly use generators, check out the CDC's website. "The
The first way people think of, and often the most obvious, is to simply ask for a loan from friends and neighbors who followed
Geoff Decker of GothamSchools went to survey the damage to New York City schools -- and the situation looks grim. Check out
SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS AND TWITTER REACTIONS. New York City subways returned early Thursday with limited service above 34th
Exxon Mobil 8:30 a.m. ET: Productivity for the third quarter 10:00 a.m. ET: ISM Manufacturing Index for October Starbucks
President Barack Obama viewed some of the damage to the coast during a Wednesday afternoon visit with New Jersey Gov. Chris
Sandy truly lived up to its hype as a superstorm. Wind, water, flooding, even snow, has left one of our most densely populated areas paralyzed for days. A record storm by any measure, Hurricane Sandy has left its mark.
Storm damage to transformer wires can prevent the machines from detecting spikes in electricity coming from the transmission
Just a series of delayed openings and early dismissals from a snow storm last January led to midterm exam cancellations in
When host Steve Inskeep asked whether that meant state governors are in charge of disaster response, Fugate replied, "The
"Gyms should be places where health is nurtured not just in sets and reps, but in dispersement of health to the community
U.S. stock trading has resumed after a two-day interruption caused by Sandy. The opening went off without a hitch, but questions
Dena Wells, 39, a resident of Ocean Towers, had had enough after watching the melee. "We have to get out of here." "People
Heard On The Tweets: MetLife Visa Would be a good day for a candidate to release tax returns. — Jonathan Wald (@jonathanwald
9. A collaborative work environment. As much as we all talk about how great it is to get a day out of the office, we realized