franz kafka

It’s a gray overcast morning in San Francisco. I sit at Gate 86 of SFO airport waiting to board UA Flight 358 to Las Vegas
Gem & Dixie by Sara Zarr “A poignant and smart family drama with broad appeal. (Fiction. 14 & up)” Two sisters attempt to
It’s nice to know that someone has been there before -- and made some lasting art from it to boot.
RG: What evidence of Kafka's insomnia do you see in his literary work? RG: What sources did you use for this research? Perciaccante
When a word isn't just a word.
We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness
We can all do our part to convince the world of its value. Start by demanding a grant for your sitting time. Or, if anyone dares to say that you're being lazy, gently correct them by saying you're an installation.
In his l968 film Skammen (Shame) Ingmar Bergman tied the personal to the political in exploring the emotions of a couple
I'm wrestling with this: what's so wrong with a hagiography, when the subject truly merits it? The Kafkas and Jon Stewarts of this world are, sadly--or maybe necessarily--few and far between. Not many have the capacity to puncture the veil as they have.
What I've seen up to this point in time is that there is both good news and bad news when we see the truth about ourselves. The bad news is that when it gets right down to it, we don't control the universe; the good news is, we are the universe, already whole within ourselves and infinite in our creative potential.