Franz Schubert

The officers had said they thought Clark had a gun, but investigators found only a cellphone.
"For over 40 years, helpless victims have waited for justice," a district attorney said.
On Sunday, August 2, the lucky attendants at this year's Interlochen Summer Arts Festival will hear soprano Christine Brewer perform Samuel Barber's Knoxville: Summer of 1915.
Winter Journey is one of the great feasts of the musical calendar: an austere one, but one almost guaranteed to touch the ineffable as well as the heart. After the last song, "The Hurdy-Gurdy Man," the silence is palpable, the sort of silence that otherwise only a Bach Passion can summon up.
Ave Maria! undefiled! The flinty couch we now must share Shall seem this down of eider piled, If thy protection hover there
Among the many standout soloists, principal oboist Rita Mitzel masterful with the exploratory, almost jazz lines, that surf the orchestrals. Powerful delicacy and thrust in the strings toward a gallopy finish, but, crucially, not overdone.
Today's revival of the Baroque master's operas are the core of the countertenor repertoire. On this occasion, Asawa featured selections from both genres.
For me, the choice was obvious: "Penny Lane," a bouncy tune that's bounced around in my head since I first heard it in my
Gustav Mahler's "Symphony No. 6," clocking in at over 80 minutes and requiring over 90 musicians, is massive even by Mahlerian standards; frankly, just witnessing the logistics of this performance was worth the price of admission.
When a young singer sets out to make his reputation, he must usually choose between appealing, often familiar works and a newer repertoire. Baritone Christopher Herbert has chosen a third option.
2010-01-08-zohnpull.jpg #2: The paintings of Charles Burchfield have a magic all their own.
Los Angeles Supervisor Mike Antonovich has earned a place of distinction in the Pantheon of Public Stupidity.
I confess that I am an abject failure as a musical detective. I cannot identify a piece of music accurately 95 out of 100 times, and on occasion the misidentifications have been astonishing.