Fraser Anning

Will Connolly, the Australian teen who egged an anti-Muslim politician, said funds he got through GoFundMe campaigns weren't "mine to keep."
Fraser Anning was booted from Parliament months after he claimed the New Zealand mosque shootings were the fault of Muslims.
Fraser Anning was censured by the Australian senate for "ugly and divisive" comments made after the Christchurch mosque shootings.
"Egg Boy" Will Connolly vowed to donate nearly $80,000 raised for him to those affected by the New Zealand massacre.
Teen "Egg Boy" was struck and tackled after gooey political action against right-wing Fraser Anning, who blamed Muslims for Christchurch mosque attacks.
Australian lawmaker Fraser Anning sparked widespread revulsion with his comments about the Christchurch attack.
Senator and unabashed bigot Fraser Anning once called for a "final solution" for Muslims.