The actor, who has been vocal about wanting to revive the series, hinted that the Paramount+ incarnation will focus on the "next chapter" of his iconic character.
Nicole Kidman's character's outerwear has been deeply overrated. These shows did it better (including "Frasier").
The Kelsey Grammer-led series set the stage for "Will & Grace" in its nuanced take on queer issues, writer Matt Baume notes.
All hail the opera-loving gentleman who made the patriarchy look sensitive.
The "Frasier" star offers a poignant tribute to the actor who died Sunday.
"A great actor. Incredible wicked sense of humor. And someone who made a huge difference in my life and many others."
Mahoney played Frasier's cantankerous dad, Martin Crane, for 11 years.
It was a year of satin, sequins and Michelle Pfeiffer's little round sunglasses.
NBC executives are working to have all six "Friends" together again.
Look, let's be honest: Christmas is super-gay. All that tinsel, the frolicsome dancing, mulled wine and all its fruity spices -- and oh goodness, all those holiday specials!