fraternal order of police

A closer look at the data calls into question the effort to politicize attacks on law enforcement.
Until the Chicago Police Department cleans up its act, it should not receive additional funding to build a new cop academy.
Officers too often appear to engage in ultra-violent behavior, because they can.
The attorney general mischaracterized Obama-era restrictions while citing a study that actually says new computers reduce crime more than heavy weapons do.
The report said Jeff Sessions could unveil the plan on Monday.
Officers failed a primary duty of keeping the peace, say law enforcement experts and attendees.
The vast majority of police officers are not the issue. The system is the issue.
“The Trump Administration will be a law and order administration."
The data suggest policing remains safer today than it's been in decades past.
Trump has boasted of committing crimes against women with impunity. That's not something the police should endorse.