Internal documents reveal the inside story of the fraternity lobbying effort.
"For me, it almost felt personal because I was in a sorority."
With some help from K Street, fraternities and sororities are pushing for a bill that advocates for assault victims hate.
In some circumstances, colleges would be forbidden from expelling a student for sexual assault.
Sexual assault survivors, advocacy groups and undergraduate members of Greek life have widely criticized the proposal. Some
"I would never go to the police if a condition of going to the police meant I would lose access to trying to get my perpetrator
National Greek life organizations are distributing a talking points memo advocating that sexual assault victims should be able to pursue adjudication through either the police or their college, but they shouldn't be able to do both concurrently. The National Panhellenic Conference and the North-American Interfraternity Conference began distributing a fact sheet late last week following revelations that they will support a Fraternal Government Relations Coalition lobbying effort on the issue of campus rape. The groups plan to work with the Fraternity and Sorority Political Action Committee to push Congress to block colleges from investigating and adjudicating sexual assault cases until the completion of a criminal investigation and trial.
Our HuffPost Community joins HuffPost Live to discuss the FratPAC’s decision to lobby against college rape allegations.
During last month's conference call, leaders of national Greek organizations said lobbying efforts will escalate this year
Of the House candidates the PAC has supported this cycle, the second-largest contribution went to Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-Kan
"I am not the type of person who says 'eye for an eye,' but I do feel like lessons need to be heard," Kowiak said on HuffPost
Fraternities and sororities have their own political action committee called FratPAC. According to a new report from Bloomberg's David Glovin, their lobbying efforts have curtailed a push for anti-hazing legislation out of Washington.