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Philipps said Franco grabbed both her arms and screamed, "DON’T EVER TOUCH ME AGAIN!"
The ‘Freaks and Geeks’ and ‘Dawson’s Creek’ actress will produce and host her own late-night program on E!
School’s almost out for the year, but let’s take a moment to recognize some A+ on-screen mentors.
No, you only have to go back to the cusp of the new millennium, 1999-2000, when another comic auteur was making his first
"Freaks and Geeks" You've developed a taste for Jon Hamm: Based on a collection of short stories by Russian writer Mikhail
Star Trek, when it worked, showed us humanity at its best. And that the show never considered gays and lesbians to be a part of that best, even after all these years, is worse than disappointing.
One of the first friends I met when I moved to Seattle was Zak, standing by a urinal trough wearing golden armor down one arm and shiny metallic underwear. To be fair, it was Halloween; but since then I've seen him dress similarly on more than one occasion since then.
This is probably what it's like when professional athletes play as themselves in video games, except way better. Recently
As much as "Freaks and Geeks" fans like to think of the executive who canceled the show as an evil suit with no heart, it
"Homeland" - "Q and A" Arguably the darkest episode of the series, "Kim Kelly Is My Friend," written by Mike White ("Enlightened
Stoller cites an episode he wrote called “Eric Visits Again” -- in which Eric (Jason Segel) comes to beat up Steven (Jay
"This is horrifying," she says with a grin. "I don't eat a lot of pig because the outside is the same color as the meat. You
Time it'll take: About 2.5 days. Time it'll take: A little over one day. "Freaks And Geeks" (1999) Why you should watch it
Watch the full conversation on HuffPost Live. "So that's why they didn't air the episode. And I know in retrospect, it seems