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By: Leslie Goldman. It's quite rare to see an infant with freckles. But as a baby grows into a child and his or her skin
"No two people’s freckles are the same, and that’s what draws me in."
Freckles are a fascinating feature, so much so that people are willing to draw them on their faces. (Yes, Olivia Wilde, we're
She likes her freckles, counting them and eagerly searching for more with me at the end of one of those long summer days. When she does this, I can't help but think of all of the time and agony I could have saved if only I counted the freckles instead of trying to scrub them away.
"My daddy got tired of hearing me bawl and told me to beat her good first chance I got."
Phoenix said, "I know that I'm not perfect. I have these spots all over me and stretch marks and scars. When I look in the
1. Life is good. Not always, but mostly. And when it is not so good, be assured it will get better.
For weddings, for job interviews, for first dates (or fifth dates), for the highly public rituals that comprise our lives, the expectations for women's self-presentation remains historically unchanged.
By Thursday, Freckles' condition had greatly improved. On Facebook, Smith explained the dog was not only eating treats but
Happy Roodharigendag (that's Redhead Day in Dutch). It's a summer festival that takes place the first weekend in September
HuffPost Senior Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria discusses where red hair comes from and if there's truth to the claim that redheads are going extinct.
The truth behind 13 physical quirks--plus easy ways to feel better. 1. Why Do You "Laugh Until You Cry"? Experts don't really
I'm setting aside all vanity and sharing my worst photo with you. This image captures my deepest, darkest secret... my UV damage.