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"Saturday Night Live" celebrated Hanukkah right this weekend with a special visit from musical duo Garth and Kat. Kristen
1. When was the last time you used a payphone? Do you miss them at all? I think the last time I used one was in the late
Why is it such an amazing sketch? Because people really do put birds on things! Such as this car spotted on Oregon Street
So pick up your paintbrush and watch the video above. Get ready for the new season of "Portlandia" with ... Ronald McDonald
Other actors like Jenny Slate, T.I. and Mekhi Phifer were already slated to appear in the Don Cheadle-fronted show. In 2013
It's official: After 11 years, Fred Armisen is done with "Saturday Night Live." "I think it's clear," Armisen said. "I didn't
His guitar strap had inscribed the words "TY LM, I ❤ U," which Dave Itzkoff of The New York Times guessed was a special thanks
In a recent interview with ET Online, Fred Armisen strongly hinted that he has no plans to leave "Saturday Night Live" anytime
As the co-creator and co-star of "Portlandia" and the second-longest running cast mate on "SNL", Fred Armisen draws plenty
"The day of parts of the country hating each other, or rivalries like that ... I feel like that's dead," declared Fred Armisen
Fred Armisen Explains His Obama Impression
Kristen Wiig recently spoke about the possibility of moving on during Alec Baldwin's podcast Here's The Thing: "I will say
From Barack Obama to Joy Behar to Paul Lynde and Liberace, Armisen's best impressions are even funnier when you see them
Fred Armisen is perhaps best known for playing President Obama on "Saturday Night Live," where he's been in the cast since
Uh-huh. OK, well I've gotta ask about stress relief, you know, unplugging, recharging, etc. What do you do in your down time