fred jackson

Running back Fred Jackson crashed into a planter box and stop sign, but was uninjured.
With Buffalo, New York, buried under six feet of snow, plenty of working adults have had snow days this week. That includes
Last year, right around this time, the Buffalo Bills pulled a stunt so unBillievable that the team's lucky its fan base didn't experience a collective heart attack. They beat the Patriots -- in a true nail biter, I might add -- for the first time since 2003.
It was kind of nice for a little bit and then it got really bad, really fast, and I still don't think I've fully recovered. I'm ready for a fresh start and positive change. But all that is a long way off.
One of those wins came in Week 3 against the mighty New England Patriots. After quickly falling behind 21-0 with everyone
The Buffalo Bills did what most everyone except Bills Nation thought was impossible...beating the Raiders 38-35 (with 14 seconds to go!) to secure a 2-0 start to the season (the first since 2008).
3.) My #83 was out and won't return. *slow teardrop trickles down* He's my buddy...even if he doesn't know it. Young receivers
Fitz finished with 316 yards and four touchdowns. That means, he easily exceeded the 6,000 yard mark on his career. A tip of the pigskin to you, Fitzy.
After eight excruciating weeks, the Buffalo Bills finally crawled out of their winless hole. It might only be one win, but one win, eight wins, a win is a win -- and we got one!