Fred Savage

Fred Savage, Danica McKellar and Josh Saviano had a catch-up lunch.
The maligned rockers find a friend in Ryan Reynolds after Fred Savage disses them in this "Once Upon A Deadpool" teaser.
The renamed "Once Upon A Deadpool" is "filtered through the prism of childlike innocence," Ryan Reynolds' titular superhero says.
Beloved by millions of fans (which includes Bill Clinton and and the late Pope John Paul II), the American Film Institute ranks The Princess Bride in the top 100 Greatest Love Stories.
At AMC's grand finale screening in Los Angeles on Sunday evening, I witnessed some of the red carpet hullabaloo and general fan hysteria behind the award-winning series.
When TV show or movie casts come back together for any kind of reunion, it's always reason to celebrate.
Remember "The Wonder Years"? Of course you do! Who could forget prepubescent Fred Savage playing an all-American boy growing
We all know how the movie "The Princess Bride" is structured: Fred Savage's grandpa wants to read him a bedtime story, and
It was never an intention of mine to write a retrospective on a film as disposable as Vice Versa, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week. (Happy birthday, Vice Versa, I guess?) Actually, the only thing remarkable about Vice Versa is that it was the first movie that taught a 13-year-old me that Hollywood has a habit of recycling ideas. Yes, welcome to 1988: the year of adults becoming children.
It's been 25 years since "The Wonder Years" premiered on ABC and to celebrate the anniversary, HuffPost TV is looking at
Former "Wonder Years" star Fred Savage has shared some wonderful news -- his wife just gave birth to their third child! Fred
Growing up in the public eye can be difficult for some young actors. There are the pressures of Hollywood, the temptations
For more on the CBS pilot scramble, head over to Deadline. Bad news for fans of Martin Lawrence waiting on the comedian's
Fred Savage put it a little more bluntly in his Twitter reaction, which also thanked the fans: Lennon Parham first tweeted
And since Junge does come from several acclaimed series, I wouldn't fault St. Clair and Parham if they want to have this
We've got the exclusive first look at the show's new featurette, featuring never-before-seen clips from the show, as well
Fred Savage will be busy behind and in front of the camera on the Happy Endings set next week: EW has learned that he is
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A show about the 60's and 70's, made in the late 80's and early 90's, and now blasting into the second decade of the 21st