Fred Willard

Willard starred in dozens of skits on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" as Donald Trump's party planner, official nickname maker and more.
The actor, who was famous for mastering deadpan comedy, died of natural causes.
Trump riding a bald eagle around the White House lawn?!?
Fred Willard posed as Fred Trump to taunt the president over his many failed business schemes.
The shows continue to capture the intimacy of that first party, letting audiences eavesdrop on the inspired mischief gifted
Joe Wong is Chinese, and came from Beijing to the U.S. as a student in 1994. He ultimately obtained a PhD in Molecular Biology from Rice University. In spite of this impressive accomplishment, he went into stand-up comedy, a decision I am sure thrilled his Chinese parents.
If I were stuck on a long flight and had to watch a movie chosen by airline management, I can't think of a more soothing and nicer way to pass the time than watching Sean Lackey's comedy, The Yank (which was screened at the 2015 San Francisco Indie Film Festival).
"Fred, don't worry, if you had been the star it might not have been that successful." At the Riot LA Comedy Festival on Saturday
This fall has been full of firsts for Fred Willard. Take -- for example -- last month, when Willard made his daytime drama debut on The Bold and the Beautiful. Fred appeared in four episodes of this long-running CBS soap opera back in October and loved every minute of it.