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Lots of Bates Motel fans have been waiting for Norma and Alex to get together. I find it refreshing how the show has treated
By the looks of it, Season 3 goes psychologically deeper and even more unsettling as it continues to chronicle the emotionally troubling relationship between Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) and her intense son Norman (Freddie Highmore). Here, Farmiga opens up about the iconic role and the road ahead in Season 3.
On Tuesday night's "Bates Motel," Norma Bates (Vera Farmiga) had the strange idea to audition for the town musical production
If You Miss School Dances A TV series with teenagers has to have a school dance, especially if they use awesome music like
It's almost time for "Bates Motel" to re-open for another season. The twisted mother-son series launches its second season
If you've always wanted to stay at Bates Motel (are you insane?!) then this new website may be the closest you'll ever get
Did Norman Bates kill his teacher, Miss Watson? That's the question "Bates Motel" is looking to answer when the gruesome
A&E has announced that the premiere date for the second season will be Mar. 3, according to Zap2It. Last season ended with
Michael O’Neill racked up quite a body count during his visit to "Grey's Anatomy" in the Season 6 finale, and he's also set
Between now and June 28, the deadline for Emmy voters to submit nomination ballots, will feature interviews with some
Bates Motel is back this week, and the last episode was all about tying up loose ends (and untying some others).
Welcome to this week's episode of "Bates Motel: The Easter and Passover Years." Tonight there was a lot of, oh, let's say, "passing over" on sane behavior and a whole bunch of "resurrection" of bad and naughty behavior on everyone's part
We've been waiting 50 years to understand Psycho and now -- thanks to tonight's premiere of Bates Motel -- we're finally clearing out a lot of confusing cobwebs that have been lingering.
A&E's modern-day prequel to the classic film "Psycho" kicked off with the series premiere of "Bates Motel." The story picked
Some fairly dark, disturbing things happen in the premiere. Is that indicative of the show's tone going forward? Ehrin: I
Norman Bates may be part of American lore but the Bates Motelseries makes everything about him new again. Don't miss this show! Alfred Hitchcock would be proud.