Freddie Prinze Jr.

“I wanted to fight that guy two or three different times,” Prinze said of the director of one of his most successful films.
In a new profile, Gellar is still vague about her experiences on the “toxic” set. But her husband, and her former co-star Seth Green, are more descriptive.
"I think you owe us," the actor, who is celebrating 20 years with husband Freddie Prinze Jr., wrote on her Instagram.
The actor and his wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar, are parents to Charlotte and Rocky.
The '90s power couple have been married since 2002 and have two kids together.
The actor is set to return to TV in two buzzy new projects — “Sometimes I Lie” and “Other People’s Houses.”
The "Buffy" actress posted the note to mark her 16-year wedding anniversary with Freddie Prinze Jr.