free community college

Tennessee has shown that free community college is possible. It is now up to community college presidents to find ways to work with their own state governments to make community college free in their own communities to local high school students. I believe that this will be a true game-changer in higher education.
And with that, he also called for making two-year community colleges free.
Several different programs across the country could show us how to get every high school student the option of free community college.
Statewide, community college enrollment is up 14 percent. Students had to fill out the financial application for student aid, meet with a volunteer mentor and sign up for eight hours of community service in order to qualify. More than 22,000 students met the August deadline for eligibility.
A recent poll conducted by the Gallup-Lumina Foundation found that while Americans may be politically polarized, they all agree that the United States needs to invest in the talent of its workforce. Talent is defined as "the knowledge or skills people develop or obtain through education, work or other life experiences."
"We need to broaden the way we look at education, from just school and workplace, to creating a feedback system with both."