Free education

“I saw how easy it would be, as a parent, to accept the idea that my children deserve healthcare and education,” the conservative writer wrote.
As we argued, a determined state should examine the structure of personal taxation which could be levied for the country's
Hillary Clinton definitely has the most backing and most vocal celebrity supporters. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Amy
Costs are another issue. German institutions have fewer frills and amenities than American Universities (not to mention a
Cubans' hard work has paid off. Since the mid-1990s net primary admission has been 99% for both girls and boys, compared
When schools in Liberia prepared to reopen in February after the Ebola outbreak, for example, many educators feared that
The President is expected to announce in his State of The Union Address tonight a plan to make community college free. It's called "America's College Promise," and while that might be welcome news for community college students around the country, it's another example of wasteful government spending.
A homeless man is suing two Florida universities for not honoring a state statute that he believes entitles him to a free
Read more about the new students' arrival at Reuters. The Senegalese president spoke at the arrival ceremony: Reuters reports
Dan Ariely: "Zero is not just another discount. Zero is a different place. The difference between two cents and one cent is small, but the difference between one cent and zero is huge!"
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan must end. The healing -- moral, spiritual, economic, and in terms of violence -- can only begin when the US leaves these battlefields.