Free Press

"45 is finishing off another week attacking Black women journalists," wrote New York Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke. "When will it end?"
After posting bail, Robert Chain walked out of the courtroom saying Trump “saved” America.
The grim milestone comes amid escalating hostility toward the press.
Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) uses President Donald Trump’s “fake news” rhetoric against him in a passionate defense of a free press.
The Secret Service reportedly denies the vehicle's placement was intentional.
Alexei Wood's trial is connected to January's inauguration protests and has raised questions about freedom of the press.
It's part of administration's pattern of "press hostility," the Democratic senators say.
The President of the White House Correspondents’ Association stands up for freedom of the press at the WHCA Dinner.
We cannot let the revival of a Nazi-era smear of a "lying press" threaten our liberal democracy.
The world watches warily as a nation of immigrants admired for living together in liberty under the rule of law changes course.
Like every other freedom, freedom of the press comes with responsibility. If we shirk it, a free press will make us less
“ …the people back there, the extremely dishonest press…Very dishonest people…How about – I mean how dishonest.” Those were
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid bid farewell to the press, telling reporters their job will be more important than ever in the new environment.